I hate nursing but can’t totally get out….registered nurse

I have been a registered nurse for 20 years. I never found a job I really liked. I tried a lot of other types of work besides nursing. I couldn’t get into computers or sales.

In nursing, I liked working with the patients and their families but I never liked working around people’s urine, vomit, excrements and wounds. I never got along with the supervisors. I hated the understaffing.

I had lots of nursing jobs but only for 3 months to 2 years each. I did home health the last few years but again too much excrement, open wounds and bitchy office politics. And all that driving in a crowded city…uck! I hate all of it. There were so many nights when I went home and just felt insane from the nights work at a hospital.

I wish I had gone into something else when I was in my early 20’s cause I never had that kind of energy to get though a whole course of study leading to a career again. I did finally get a B.A. but not in nursing and not something that was career oriented. Now I might go to grad school so I can teach.

Meanwhile, I am looking for yet another nursing job so that I can support myself and pay off student loans. Call me Eyore