Spreading the word about the world….Assistant Business Manager at non profit newspaper

I’m currently working as an “assistant business manager” for a non-profit political newspaper. Over a year ago my L.D.G.F (long distance girl friend) introduced me to the production manager of the newspaper at a political event, that the newspaper’s party was throwing. The production manager (we’ll call her Su) and I sat down and talked about art and since I like to draw I drew her, I guess Su was I impressed, because She asked if I would like to draw something for the newspaper, I said sure, “most def’”!

I must have made an impression on them because they asked if I would like to work for their newspaper as an assistant business manager. I said, “when do I start” and put in my two weeks notice at my prior place of employment.

I took this job, because first of all it was a lot better than my old job, but mainly because this new job taught me skills like how to do a sales report, finance reports, and a whole lot of newspaper production stuff that will help me in my future dreams to become a successful graphic artist or some kind of artist, something to do with art. I have been at my present job for a year and two months and I still don’t hate or dislike it that much. I mean everybody like to sleep in, right:)?

I really like my job because it make me a more conscious individual ’cause of what the newspaper covers like, what’s going on around’ the world and here at home and what you can do ’bout it. Your probably wondering how is this newspaper any different than all the rest, well it has no advertising in it so you know there’s w no corporate censorship of the info unlike to days “News”, where everything is censored to the corporations point of view. Also the people who work around me, they are great friends, very supportive of what I do and teachers not only about politics, but also about life in general. This job makes me happy even though I’m going to college full time, doing alot’a homework and trying to keep a L.D.R. (long distance relationship) going. The parts of my job that make me happy is the feeling of satisfaction when I learn something new and apply it to a sales report or ledgers to make it better, also teachin’ something new to my coworkers, that and finally the feeling of being wanted and needed.

The parts that bother me about my job is the feelin’ of not having time for me, like to draw or just have fun and be a teenager. I am now in a job I would like to keep for a long time and really like. I haven’t thought about quitting or anything like that. I don’t think. I like my boss she is a strong, independent woman with a mind of her own. She is a political activist and the editor of the newspaper.

In five years I hope to of completed my college course and be at a better paying job doing design work or printing, but also volunteer at the place I work now to help the struggle for the revolution. Man, in 30 years I really don’t have a clue but my dream is to one day own and run an arcade with my best bud. Thank for reading my story, peace out :) !