Lame Barfy’s cigarette smoke….restaurant hostess

I was working as a hostess in an Italien restaurant. I really liked it, and it’s something I would do again. My main reason I was working there was so that once in school I could pay my way.

I entered the Comercial Photography program at Seattle Central (Community College of the Year!), which is very expensive. The camera alone costs $5,000 to buy. I thought working as a hostess was the most rewarding job overall, at least compared to the others I had had in the past. It allowed me to work short shifts a couple times a week and get paid good money. Some nights I could even squeeze in some homework.

By doing this job a year ( plus others here and there) I had enough to go to school and make it with no sweat. At that time it was nearing the Summer, and plenty of good working hours were ahead of me.

Then things went wrong. I started to get sick every Friday or Saturday. So sick I would throw up repeatedly all the way home. See, the hostess desk is located in the same room as the bar. Theres a plastic window which divides the entrance from the bar, but at the desk we got a lot of smoke. Friday and Saturday was our busiest nights, and as the crowd picked up so did the smoke.

I’ve never been puking sick from cigarette smoke, I’ve gotten headaches, but never this ill. After a few weeks of this I had to leave. It strted all of a sudden, and I had leave very quickly. I couldn’t do it anymore, just the though of going to that restaurant scared me. So I quit, enjoyed my summer and restored my health. Since then I’ve been back inside and each time I leave and that cold air hits me, I suddenly feel so refreshed as if I’ve been suffocating and didn’t realize.