The Lazy Managers Working at McDonalds

To me it seems the more money you get the less work you have to do!
I Am 18, I have been working for Mcdonalds for 2 and a half years as a crew member. I think the job is great but all the managers need to be sacked. Crew members are doing all the work being bossed about by the managers when they do nothing!! I know you think i’m probably exaggerating but i’m really not. The managers serve and eat in the office!! Thats all!

For Example, I came in a 6am and do set up as soon as I get in I have a manager down my neck get stock out for front counter when I meant to be doing set up in the kitchen. Doing stuff for them puts me behind in getting set up done. Then when things aren’t done or are a rushed job i get yelled at! I Have Said this to the area manager and because im just a crew member im not worth talking to!!
I am even friends with two of the managers and i am pissed of with them.

Thats all for 2day folks!