Bridal Gown Designer…Creating a Princess for a Day

I design bridal gowns and accessories for weddings. I work with clients of all ages, shapes and sizes. Sometimes creating someone else’s vision of loveliness can be challenging. What one thinks is beautiful, doesn’t necessarilly turn out to be the best fit. This point can be a delicate one to communicate to a client and I have learned the hard way, to use finesse, when explaining it.

Most of the time a bride-to-be comes to me with the hope of aquiring a one of a kind design, created especially for her. She may not have any vision of the exact dress or she may know exactly what she wants. Either way it is my job to create “a princess for a day”, gown.

The first thing I always do, is have the bride bring in all the ideas, pictures, and samples of what she thinks she wants. Then we discuss her body type and go over historical reasons why one style looks better than another, for her. Then I have her go try on as many styles of dresses as she can, to get a clearer idea of what she looks good in.

Many times the dress I am making is a used dress, needing alterations. These dresses are the most challenging to work on, because much of the time they are the ugliest ducklings and I have to create a swan. They must be completely ripped apart and put back together with new parts. The bride is often not familiar with this process and often, during it, looses all imagination of the beautiful dress I am going to create for her.

The most interesting bride in the used gown department, brought me a gown much to tight and high necked for her body type. I explained everything that I had to do to that dress to make it work, but by the third fitting, she was breathing fire. Despite my reasurences, she had gone loco and she wasn’t seeing the vision of loveliness, that she was going to be, anymore.

It was to late for her to be anything but mad and because of time constraints, I had to work day and night on this one in order to make the date. I delivered the dress, she ripped into the dress tearing a sleave, I mended the sleave, she put on the dress, not even noticing the baby rose bottons with handmade satan loops and she married the man.

After the wedding all of her friends and family, kept asking her, one by one, ” I thought you said she wrecked your dress, what are you talking about, that is the most beautiful dress I’ve ever seen… you look like a princess.”