Music not in it for the money…early music singer

I am a singer of early music (rather arbitrarily defined as anything written before 1750). This is certainly a labor of love, because there is no financial incentive whatever. Pay ranges from nonexistent to token, for the most part; people who make it big in this field can just earn a decent living. I do a number of different things in this area, but I have two fairly regular gigs. One is with a professional choir and one is an assistant directorship with an amateur choir. I rarely say no to any project, but because experience is the only guaranteed benefit I won’t let myself in for a very negative or stressful job if I can avoid it.

Unfortunately, because there is so little in the way of compensation, I have had to diversify in order to make ends meet. For several years I have done some extremely small-scale graphic design. Now I have enrolled in a program at my local community college to learn more about the graphic arts business, specifically about production. It is fun and interesting and I enjoy it. I can’t help being angry, however, that our culture values its arts so poorly that it is nearly impossible for me to pay the bills doing what I am best at, i.e. singing.