The Unfairly fired McDonalds Employee

I use to work at Mcdonalds and was very nervous when I first started working there . When I went into orientation I met with the manager and assistant manager and at first I was like oh my !! What a nice group of people. When I was in the orientation part I was not trained on the cash at all! I did maybe 15 minutes on the computer down in the room and then I was left to my own self. As the 3rd day roll around I started to figure thing out on my own and soon I got my 30, 40, 50 pin on cash. This was a big deal as the other long term staff not all of them had their 50 pin. I am a very friendly and talkative person and it does not take me to learn peoples names fast.

However I was told by a another worker that several people wanted me fired. At first I was like what in the world can anyone want me fired and not like me when they do not even know me?? But it did happen but not just on that. You see I was running late on my break and it was lunch hour so I needed to get my cigarettes paid for and I had also grabbed 2 coupon books from the office and laid it in my bag because I knew I was paying for it when I got back from Dominion. But as soon as I left the boss called me in and asked to see the bag . I handed it to her and she asked me did I pay for this ? I stated no but i was going to get my money as I got paid that day. She told me to go home and come back at 11:00 as she was “mad” I did and the next thing I was fired there were no everyone makes mistakes learn from that it was hit the road Jack and don’t you come back no more!! I could not believe it a simple mistake and the value was $8.00. Especially as I was paid $453.00 that day. I will make sure to prove that when someone don’t like you they get together and get you fired. It’s too bad they don’t go together and fight to get you kept at that job as their so called values go.