Baby sitting and what it can lead to….babysitter

I don’t have a real job because I’m going to school, but I do realize that quite a few people manage to pull it off. I on the oter hand have a comute that takes forever and home work besids, so I have no time to make mony. I do however babysit on ocashion, Its basicly fun and I get soeme mony so it’s not bad. The kids name is Connall and he just turned seven, I’ve been babysitting him since he was only three.

There are however some down sides to all this, the leas of wich is being made to wach Barny, Pokemon, Dijimon, Things on Weals and meny other mind numbing childrens programing. Somtimes I bring things for him to wach but he doset take well to new things. Like this one time I brought Yello Submarine and it took me forever to get Connall to sit down and wach it without constantly turning the TV off. Then he was frightend by the blue meanies and got bored during the songs. He also has quite allot of Disny movies but never wants to wach the ones that I want to.

This one time he actualy loked me out of the house! He is really quite a rambuctious pill. It hapened like this, he was waching a boring TV show or somthing, I can’t remember what it was)and because it was such a nice day out I desided to lay in the sun on the back porch. During one of the comercials he gets up and shuts the sliding door loking it from the inside AND puting the woodin bar behind it. So I deside to stay calm about it, so I go ’round front only to find the front door locked as well. I ring the door bell to see if I can get him to come and anser it, but aperently he is to absorbed in his show. Now I start to get woried, at a los I go back to the back door and scrach on the glass. When that dosent work I start tring to see if I can disloge the screen over one of the open windows. Thats when connall who hapenedt to be by the window got anoid with the sound I was making and unloked the door(of corse he thougt it was really funny when the door still wuldint budge because of the woodin bar) But then he removed theis and I got in. Now I can remember what I did, I think I just gave him a stern speech or somthing, he probably wasent afected.

Other times if he doset want to do somthing he sais ther is a rule agenst it. For instance he wanted soem desrt so I thought a little of somthing sweet couldint hurt(oh, how rong I was!) so I found some chocolate frosting and put a dab in a boul for him, he then got all upset and said his doctor said he was supost to have six scoops, and I said that the dab was six tiny scoops, but this just got him even more upset and he practacly threw a tantram. I think he was sleepy, it might have been geting late.

Theere are more things I could tell, how he dosent play by the rules of a bord game, tries to resal with me an buts me with his head, liks to play computer games, but when he cant do somthing he wants me to do it for him and meny others. Those are the dangers of babysitting, chalenging an rewarding (six dollors an hour).