Not in it for the money…singer

I am someone who can safely say I didn’t get into my work out of a desire to get rich. I am a singer, and my field–early music–is one in which people who make it “big” can earn a decent middle-class living.

Needless to say, many of us in this business don’t come anywhere close to that. My two main gigs are with ensembles, one as a singer and the other as associate director.

I earn the kind of money that would make people at the official poverty line laugh. In order to pay the bills I do some very small-scale graphic design. I enjoy that a lot, but don’t get enough consistent work to be able to rely on it any more than the music.

So I am now enrolled in a graphics program to learn prepress, press and finishing. I hope that I will be able to combine work in one or more of those areas with my design to provide a cushion for music. I want to find some kind of job that will allow me to maintain a flexible schedule and that won’t demand the submission of my entire life. Stay tuned….
For the record I have to reiterate something that has been said thousands of times with no evidence of reception: our society does not value the arts. It amazes me that a part of life that has been proven over and over to be vital is so poorly compensated.