Payoll Drama save it for your momma!….Payroll Professional

I have been a payroll professional for many years. Throughout these years I have come across a lot of interesting people. My last few years have been a combo of excitement and “midnight madness”. I have been teamed with the most kaotic individuals! From employees whinning about 10 cents missing off of an expense pay (due to their miscalucations) to actually receiving a flat tire!

In my recent j-o-b, I was a manager of five crazy clerks. During my interviews, EVERYONE mentioned that they all had very “strong” personalities. Well, I didn’t realize “strong” ment “demonic”! Every day was an adventure! These people were all nuts! Management use to joke about it in the boardrooms.

Management claimed to support unity and “teamwork”. But cancelled every seminar, meeting, and training that was geared towards strengthening teamwork. Why oh why do companies promote corporate training when they have noooo intention of following through? Why claim to offer tuition reimbusement as a benefit when only it only offered to three specific individuals? I’ve had enough fun with all the fake corporate promises, and with the nutzo employee who cries the blues because on his/her last pay check he/she discovers that a tax block and filing exempt means that $0.00 taxes have been deducted (because the employee decided to change their current year’s W-4 with that tax status).

That’s why I am attending school to work towards my degree to obtain a career in Financial Planning. I want to help others understand about their finances.

When my companies grow, I will remember all of this nonsense. I will treat all employees with respect, great concern, and the highest level of fairness. Oh yeah, I’ll also involve careful hiring screening. All it takes is one bad apple to infect an entire tree!