complaints from home……national medical trancriptionist

I work at home for a major Medical Transcription Company here in the United States. I have done so for almost a year now.

At first, I liked working at home. There were no dress clothes to worry about, no commutes, no office politics. The supervisors seemed wonderful and willing to help at a moments notice.

But, after about 4 or 5 months, I was seeing things a little differently.

Nobody told me when I got hired:

#1: NO RAISES: I get paid less than 10 cents for each line I type. Company says “If you want more money, type faster”.

#2: LACK OF WORK: There are weeks when there is no work. NO WORK = NO PAY.

#3: COMPUTER MALFUNCTIONS: If I am unable to type due to computer problems, whether it is my fault or the company’s fault = NO PAY.

#4: HOLIDAYS: I have worked every holiday this year. I don’t foresee ever getting a holiday off, at least in the near future.

#5: VACATION: Vacation is EXTREMELY limited. About 90% of all vacation days taken with this company are to compensate for days when there is no work or when there are computer breakdowns. Therefore, I never get a “REAL” vacation.

I’m not really sure what I’m going to do now. I don’t see myself working for this company much longer, much less any national company after this. I hear there are more or less the same.