What’s It Like Working at AT&T?

First we were Ameritech and it was great. Then SBC bought us and a terrific company became hell. It has only gotten worse since we changed our name AGAIN to at&t. They have managers with little training. My favorite part? Micro-management and this for managers too. They spy on your computer, instant message you, scream at you, etc. if you take a bathroom break. God forbid if you’re pregnant or have an illness (illness is common here because it is stressful). Okay so you make a decent wage and have benefits but at what cost?

The managers even keep reports and have targets to remove headcount… all so Ed can become the CEO of an even bigger pile of dung! It’s cool how Ed gets his salary, stock options, bonuses, retirement but has no problem with kicking people to the curb that actually made this company. It is one of the worst companies to work for — they don’t believe in family or having a life. If you want a life don’t go and work for at&t — if they don’t make your life a living hell, put you on a PIP, spy on you (heck we already know how they spied on hard working Americans), then people are dying to get out of there. My advice is find a job you can love and don’t just look at the pay and benefits — look at the corporate culture. Every company wants to make money — it’s a business. When is business going to be more about people?