Glass and Window Industry, stay out!….software engineer

I’m (until this Wensday) the Lead Software Engineer for an industrial machinery company that designs and builds machinery for the glass and window industry. (CNC glass cutters and such).

I came to this job with the impression it was a smallish company that was growing like mad (about 20 people).

What I didn’t get is that the Window and Glass industry is full of idiots that are more concerned about the bottom line then the wellness of the employees.

I’ve never had a job that I hated so much I could barely bring myself to get up in the morning. I’ve never had a job that was so bad I had to goto the bar after work by myself with the intention of getting shit-faced to forget about work.

I’m still attetmpting to figure out how a company survives when it out-casts customers, changes tersm on the fly, refuses service to its equipment, and ignores warrenty service requests.

If you ever wanted to know how to build something, sell it, and forget about it, even with the option of sueing the customer who YOU screwed, look in this industry.

Every position I have ever had, I’ve been happy to get up, happy working doubles 7 days a week. However here, I don’t even want to walk in the door.

Being 22 years old, without finishing my degree, being incharge of the software engineering dept, and previously the electronic engineering dept. is nice and all, but I think I would rather work at McDonalds.

Starting Thursday, I’ll be back to marking “unemployed” on paperwork, but thats still better then hating to mark “Employed” because it reminds me of where I work.