Fast Food Manager’s Job Story

I worked as a fast food manager where families eat dinner everyday and students and kids worked. I took this job because I enjoyed people and wanted to work somewhere safe. I mean they have play yards and all. Kids everywhere. It always made me happy to see smiles on their faces. But time after time  I was faced with careless money handling and poor security. The way this company allows their money to be handled is unbelievable. but with insurance like they have why care. I guess I never thought I would be robbed three times in one year, twice by gun point and another i was assaulted. Now my grandchildren will never see the inside of a Mcdonalds. They have just written off my family even though i worked 12 hrs daily crazy shifts just to sell their dollar burgers and make them billions of dollars.

In the past year I have lost my whole life yes some would say you are alive but living without water electric food how alive is that. not being able to go anywhere alone. Being afraid of people around me. I am forty and a mother and grandmother. Where does my life go now. I am thankful for everything God has given me. But why should I settle for this. I was a caregiver for hospice patients for 18yrs, lost my father so thought maybe a more relaxing job, and they advertise a fun place to work.

When the man pointed a gun in my face on July 15 at 9:30 in the evening I was serving a mother with four children in her car at the drive thru he came in the store. Are we safe anywhere? Then, another time at the bank Sunday afternoon sun shinning 11:30 a day I would normally be walking out of Church. I requested police esq. to bank but they reply cost to much money. Are you kidding me?Well i appreciate you allowing me to vent and maybe rabble on but this is my story. thank you.