The Employer From Hell….Cashier at a Bakery

About two weeks I was in need of a job and so decided to apply to an add in the local paper. It was for a cashier/baker’s helper. The store is a one of a kind ( not yet franchised) tourist attraction called a cheesecake factory. The owner hired me herself.

She also complained the newspapers didn’t do reviews on her little shop any longer. I was supposed to wait on customers & keep the store appearence up. Rotating boxes so they wouldn’t be old & used looking, also keeping the display case full, clean and appealing.

The first week I worked three days everything was fine except the baker would not allow me the right to for go my 30 minute lunch break in exchange for smoking three cigarettes (12,3pm,5pm).I wasn’t happy but if the dear woman wanted me to be disciplined I would. I forced myself to leave for the 30 minute lunch & didn’t smoke for the next five and a half hours.

Unfortunately I’ve smoked cigarettes for 32 years but there have been worse rules to follow!

When I was hired the baker had no “title” & although knowledgeable she had little else to offer.

The next week I worked six days (54 hours) I thought great I’ll make money! No way the baker brought in her college educated future daughter-in-law. Yes the girl is half my age but she is twice my size-I don’t know how can she stand up all day long? She has worked all this week & they only gave me one day. On Friday the owner told me to stop cutting all cutting will be done by the new girl. Then she told me to stop smiling & explaining all the many flavors to the customers! OK maybe she wasn’t having a good day- but when I was hired she said it was full time. I said I had a lot of regular clientele that patronized places I worked. She seemed happy over that but I’m confused by her actions. One last thing I contacted several online magazines about reviewing her product all the responses were positive- even one TV show was interested. I did all this on my own and feel I have acted in good faith. Today when I called her on the phone to ask if I was needed – she said “call back in an hour”.

I really can’t even force myself to call her ever again! No wonder her business is a one of a kind with business skills like her’s its a wonder they have been opperational for 16 years.Kindness and honesty are two skills I have developed over the years, in food service.

I am trying to “move-on” to the next job. I turned down three jobs to work for her. I still want to work in food service except this time with a name tag that has a title on it and something closer to my actual worth-

In five years maybe I could be a Restaurant General Manager (RGM) in a store on a chain. Who knows in thirty years I’ll be 76. If I’m still employable with in the field I hope I’m still the “fastest register person”!