Oh the horror…Packager

I work at a small packaging shop. I am the only packager…

I’ve worked there for nearly 2 years. I took the job because… well… at the age of 16 i couldnt find anything else that paid 50 cents above minimum wage. It doesnt make me happy.

The only things i like about the job is that i make my hours (well i make them then my boss decides if they are good enough for him or not) i like that i make $8/hour…

but not so happy that i only work 10 hours a week at the most. I like the fact that my boss gives me money for a christmas present.

i hate how my boss is so over powering, you know “i invented what you package, you should have atleast half the heart into it that i had when i made the products” yeah well he should have my foot up his arse too… but i dont see that happening anytime soon.

I have planned on quiting for nearly 2 years. I want to quit tomorrow. but i am so afraid of my boss and his sterness and crap.

I have another job… i work fast food. its so much nicer and people actually care about me. I’m never felt needed at this job.

I extremely dislike my boss. enough said.

in 5 years… well right now i’m almost 18 so about 23 i’ll still be in school probably… my 6 year degree nearly finished. hopefully haha

30 years wow thats a tough one… i hope tohave my own lip gloss brand and me makin mondo money off it.