Librarian job…..not bothered by the stereotypes!

I work in a government library as a librarian. It has an environmental focus. I am 29 years old, have my Master’s degree in Library and Information Science and an undergraduate degree in Comparative Literature.

Like everyone some days I love and some days I hate what I do. I’d rather not work at all and travel the globe seeing the world. But then, there’s the rent to be paid!

So here I am. My librarian job can be very draining. People always WANT something and so you are constantly filling the needs of others… kind of like being a nurse.

It can get frusterating. But overall, there are a lot of perks. The job is normally not too stressful, it can be fun and I like being a librarian.

I am not bothered by the negative image of people with librarian jobs because I know I do not fit it!