Escape from a nightmare boss…..Medical Transcription Supervisor

Well, that was my title 6 months ago, when I decided I had enough of what was going on in the small hospital I worked for.

First off, this new supervisor rarely made it to work on time, and, that’s only if she actually made it to work. She was late (by hours), nearly everyday. When she was at work, she didn’t do much of anything, but, stand in the hallways and gossip. At one point, her supervisor asked me about it. My reply was “How am I supposed to ask my employees to work overtime, when the supervisor isn’t even working 40?”

Well, all heck broke loose – because, she found out I said that. The next four years of my life became a living nightmare.

I wanted to learn more about how the department was run, not just Medical Transcription. I asked her several times to cross train me, though she never did. I even went back to school, got a coding degree, and still, no cross training.

Also, my department was consistently behind in work. I had suggested hiring per-diem work, but, she refused stating that it was much better off to pay everyone overtime – YEAH RIGHT!! To this day I don’t believe that one!! For the four years I worked there, I worked mandatory overtime of 10 hours a week.

When we did decide to hire new full-time Medical Transcriptionists, she usually hired students, or those with little or no experience, thus, causing more of a backlog because of extensive training.

She did manage to hire a woman with a great deal of experience. This woman lasted one week in our department before quitting. Why did she quit? In her resignation letter it stated “I am resigning due to the fact that I was promised the Transcription Supervisor position upon termination of ___” (my name in blank). It was quite obvious she was searching for my replacement.

That’s when I turned in my 2 weeks notice – the first time. Once my department found out I was quitting, they ran to her, then to her boss, telling all of them I couldn’t quit because I was such a good boss.

Then, the kicker – a physician, a very prominent physician in our hospital, came forward and told the CEO that I was the best he had ever seen. My job had been saved….but, at a price.

Yes, I got a raise to stay, but, with this came more torment from the Medical Records Supervisor.

When administration wasn’t looking, she would torment me, threaten me, look in my computer files, search my desk, purposely ruin equipment that I was responsible for and, worse yet, bad mouth me in front of my employees.

I tried to quit two times after that, because of her. Each time administration called me in their office, with this supervisor present, all convincing me to stay, which I did.

There isn’t any “straw that broke the camel’s back” in this story, just that I got tired of it.

I got stomachaches and headaches. Depression was beginning to set in and, because of all the overtime, I was getting ill quite often.

Six months ago I put in my last resignation letter. Although the supervisor and administration tried to get me to stay, I told them no this time, that I had personal reasons for leaving.

Life on the outside is good. I didn’t realize how stressful it was while working there. Sure, one gets used to all of that stress and, sometimes I find myself bored, because I was so used to it.

My headaches and stomachaches are gone. Gone is the depression I once felt.

I am keeping a close eye on this Medical Records Supervisor, rumor has it she quit this job to go to another hospital.

I have already decided, should I need a new job someday, that, no amount of money is worth working for this person again.