Project Manager…..waiting for my toy boy.

I work as a project coordinator and I like to coordinate, but when I coordinate the same things all the time it gets a bit boring and so I’d like to change to a new job. And I’d like first to change into a new job in another country because it is more interesting to work in an international environment. Observe how people from different companies work.

I got this job through an agency. I used to work for them in Switzerland. I became a permanent there and then they called me about this job. I was tired of my job there because Swiss people are very difficult to work with. In my previous job, I was working in a project where I was managing a project…a job that was normal, boring, the same all the time so I just wanted a new job.

When you are working on and coordinating projects, it’s not the same work all the time because it changes depending upon what the project is about. For instance, if you are a programmer and you know C++, you always have to work with C++ and it’s the same all the time…maybe it is different depending on what you program, but when you work on different projects, it always changes.

I don’t like that you deal with a lot of fuckwits. It’s a British word people just assuming things are like that without thinking logical. Fuckwits…what can you do? I just want to move on to a new project and do different things.

I don’t know who my boss is as it keeps changing all the time. The last boss I had was a very friendly guy, but he very much had a very Asian mentality being very punctual and not flexible at all.

In 5 years, I’m going to be a project manager.

In 30 years, when I’m 62, I’m going to be a rich pensionist living in the Bahamas with a toy boy. A young good looking guy.