I’ve Finally Decided That I Am Capable Of Running My Own Business….Administrator

I’ve worked for fifteen years as an administrator. My experience with my employers rate from good to being in a straw-basket speeding straight to hell.

I enjoyed working hard, creating ideas, implementing those ideas and managing employees fairly and consistently. I enjoyed being flexible and accepted the responsibilities of the positions I’ve held.

I never counted the amount of hours I worked; delivering the perfect project before the due date was important to me. Occasionally, I’d be rewarded with a small bonus, raise or plaques with my name usually spelled incorrectly.

Imagine, it would embarrass me to point out the incorrect spelling to my employer.

After being assessed during the many performance reviews I’ve had–too aggressive (I’m a woman!), has the initiative but not the drive (is this not an oxymoron-if it’s not, the boss was certainly a moron), and my most favorite is, she’s working too many hours. I believe she lacks time-management (I advised that manager, that if he would take the time to manage his work load and give me my work load TIMELY, I would be able to work less hours-my advise fell on death ears)I HAVE REACHED A CONCLUSION–I WILL BE A BETTER EMPLOYER!

Currently, I’m happily unemployed, taking classes and plan to open my business before the close of this year. I promise that I will treat my employees with respect, provide programs to motivate them, encourage my employees to move up in the company and I will always spell their name correctly on the plaque.

I will accomplish this and still laugh all the way to the bank.