No wonder there is a teacher shortage!…English Teacher

I am an English teacher. I travel the world living and working in different countries. Although this sounds glamorous, it isn’t. There are many disappointments and hardships.

First of all, I don’t make much money. Secondly, living in another culture is very tough. Many times, it will be months before I learn the language. Just imagine not being able to understand anything. It’s like being blind, deaf, and dumb. This is the least of my problems. The worst problem I have encountered in this career is being used and cheated by my employers. I have worked with people that exploit me and don’t have any respect for me because I am American and because I am a woman. I have been from one extreme to the other. I once had a job where my boss and the other teacher did nothing to help. They didn’t even do their own jobs! I had to teach and run the school all alone. They would smoke and drink coffee all day while I was solely responsible for 50 preschool children. If I tried to complain, they just ignored me.

In my current job, it is the total opposite. I must continually prove to my employers that I am qualified to do my job. It’s a never ending circus where I must go through a series of tests to prove my ability, and get this, my other counterparts don’t have to and they never did! For example, tomorrow I have to give a presentation to my boss and colleagues on a type of class that I am currently teaching. I arrived a month ago and was forced into teaching this class without any training. My students even said that I am well prepared and they agree with my teaching method. This presentation will be critiqued but it is going to be judged by people who have never taught the class themselves! And I found out I will be the only one teaching these classes. So why are they putting me through the ringer?

I wouldn’t mind it so much if I had been trained and then asked to do a presentation or atleast if my colleauges had taught the class before. Am I missing something? It’s the blind leading the blind. Thank God for my resourcefullness. I think of quitting all the time. As a matter of fact, I am. I found another job in another country in two weeks. I am never satisfied in this type of work.

I love my students all over the world but I remain restless. I hope somewhere along the line, I can use my teaching skills in a much more productive way. I have so many other interests but no money to return to school. My secret dream is to be married to a loving husband and have one son who I can transfer all my knowledge to. I just wish I could make this dream come true.