I never want to leave!!!…Career Counseling

I work as a Career / Cooperative Education Counselor at a Community College (2 year school) in New Jersey.

After working in a day care for about 2 months I realized how much I disliked the preschool field. With a bachelor’s degree in Psychology I applied for a job in the newspaper for a counselor at a community college. I loved the work!

After about 4 years I left the first college and am now at another community college with my present title (Career/Cooperative Education Counselor). I returned to school and obtained a Masters degree in School Counseling. I love this job!!

It comes easy to me to help others. I do academic advisement, career testing and counseling, transfer counseling, etc. There are days that I dread seeing students, mostly because I have so much paper work to complete and the constant interuptions are annoying.

Politics are also a problem for me. Schools are very political and the gossip is always much worse than the truth. Hearing this can be a pain and lowers the moral around the campus. When this gets low I get angry and think twice about my choice of careers.

These things are very little. The best part of my day is working with the student who doesn’t know what to major in or what career they want. I feel the most successful when I see a student I helped graduate or transfer.

There are a few days that I leave the office distracted or annoyed but those days are few. Most days I leave very happy and content. I know I have put in 110% and feel good about what I do.

In 5 years I hope to be a Director of Advising. In 10 years I hope to be a Dean of Student Services. I can’t imagine working in any other occupational area. I fell into this field by chance and now I never want to leave!!!