Car Designer Career……enjoying tinkering.

I design cars in the UK. I’ve been doing this for 7-8 years now. I did the degree in Scotland and moved on from there. Every since I was a little kid, I liked cars and things like that. I saw the ad in the newspaper, interviewed, and got the job.

Day to day, we basically design to a description – engineering – …people make a clay design and we make it into reality. It’s good fun.

It’s nice to create things. To go from nothing to something. It feels like you add some value.

I don’t like the restrictions a bit. You have to get things in a very small band. It hinders creativity. It has to do with costs and timings. I’d like to do the best possible job, but you can’t do it sometimes.

My boss is good. He does everything for me if I can’t do it.

I sometimes think of quiting because we are just tinkering around with things, not really helping civilization.  I could design artificial limbs or something.

In 5 years, maybe I’ll be a part owner of the company.

In 30 years, perhaps 6 feet under. Retired in Bermuda hopefully.