Working at McDonalds is Never Fun

I work at McDonalds. I do a lot of work there often off the clock. I have often come in on my days off to help out, I have even brought in my own equipment on a number of instances. I worked illegally for a number of years there. I closed often, even before I turned 18. However, I have never been given a raise in three years. My contract said I would be given one every six months, that never happened. I have never been trained, but I am often held responsible for my lack of training. My contract has never been honoured, and has been changed often with out my knowledge. My owner’s wife runs the store and she is totally incompetent. Often she will tell me to clean something in the middle of a rush. three of the six managers are related. Two are married, and the guy is the brother of the head manager. Even though the handbook says managers aren’t supposed to date, these dicks are married. Two of the managers are ok, but the rest suck.

The job is mind numbing dull. I often think of quitting. I have lately started to fuck things up on purpose, just to screw with the company. As workers we enjoy little or no rights. They can fire us for any reason, and often make up stuff to write us up for, if they can’t legally write us up. The store is quite literally falling apart, and is so old almost everything is broken. Overall, if you are thinking of working at McDonalds, don’t, just run! Run while you still can!!!