Software Developer, basic programmer

I say basic programmer in lower case because I’m an MS Visual Basic programmer, a Java Programmer, and a database programmer in whatever dang format you want to name.

It’s important to note that in the old days, a writer would crank out thirty or forty scripts here in Hollywood (area), and then after he/she was put out to pasture, those same scripts would re-emerge as “new works” simply by virtue of having been given a slightly different gloss. Writers strike or no, they’re cranking out movie scripts more like sausages than ever. Lousy, over fatty pork sausages.

So it goes with software development. So much of what’s out there is so non-innovative, just simply imitative (when it’s not downright plagiarism) that it seems quite understandable for so many people in this field to say, “I like the money, but I gotta get away from this kind of work.” And with such anti-charismatic people in the industry, no matter the stuff they’re working on doesn’t sell.

No, I don’t have all of the answers; but I have learned the value of at least identifying the problem: “We have seen the enemy and it is us.”

Well, there are certainly other types of people who just love to delve into the intricacies of this or that accounting technique, or this or that “snag the moneyed buyers” marketing tactic–whatever makes for viable ebusiness. That doesn’t automatically make them computer nerds or bean counters. When one’s objective is to make the customer’s experience better (not all that difficult in today’s climate), there is an inherent energy and satisfaction to be had when “making a difference.”

Being a highly inventive and creative person, I am somewhat between a rock and hard place: it’s tough to get into the big leagues without having spent several seasons lower down the food chain. I’ve done that, okay; but there is what amounts to a glass ceiling for developers; and I’m not talking about dollar amounts [although that's involved], I’m talking about satisfying work–without too many head games and vicious undercurrents (e.g. “one false move and you’re fired” mentality).

Actually, over the years and many many times, the biggest of the big boys have listened attentively to what I suggested or recommended, and often did exactly what I advised [and in many cases cashed in big time].

By using the Internet as you are to read this, you’re already making use of some technology I helped to specify and develop. No, I’m not the ultimate inventor of the Internet, just a positive proponent (who secretly knows that the hope for social progress is offers is totally unprecedented and yet very promising, too). I guess some would say, “a visionary.” And when I have strong enough visions, they become reality [or at least discussed and contemplated, planned, and EVENTUALLY-realized reality]. When I started campaigning for use of this system for non-military communications, they said I was crazy! Now what, I’m the savior??