Nursing Profession is Horrible and Unbearable

I have been and er/icu nurse for 3yrs. The only satisfaction I have from my job is aggravating patients and doctors. It is a little game you have to play in the hospital so you do not go home stressed out. Nursing is not about caring, for everyone out their who cares become a nun/priest. Volunteer at the Y do community service.

Nursing is about the all mighty dollar and what you can do to make money. With in the next 15 yrs or so people will realize how much nurse’s do. Nursing needs to stick together and form one giant nursing union and take the medical profession over. 2.6million licensed professionals. That’s alot of people with a voice. Everyone talks about caring nobody cares for patients, it is about getting your work done and not going to court or making mistakes that could cost someone their life. Nursing will always be a subservant position because it is dominated by older middle age women. For all you nurse’s out their who think other wise, when you retire where are your health,pension and dental benefits, oh wait nurse’s do not get those. On the average an elementary school teacher makes $15000 more a year than a teacher and have full benefits when they retire.

If nurse’s got paid what there worth and were not just numbers more people would enter the profession. It is sicking to save someones life and not to be reward but to be a number of fill a quota. A person working on cars makes more than a person saving lives. Where in our society does human life has such little value, but wait it gets better, for all the baby boomers and business people who keep nursing in the dark ages, their will be no one to care for you. The average age of a nurse wright now is 46 yrs old, only 10% of nursing entering the field are under the age of 30. For everyone that say they love nursing your full of it nobody loves nursing they just love their little pay checks. Nurse’s need to stick together and form one big union. Oh yeah nursing is an easy job compared to what I did in the Infantry. Nurse just need to make more money.