Civil Lawyer…38 years giving criminals a chance.

I like my job. I’ve worked at this Job 38 years. I’m a lawyer here in Munich. I work with civil law. I work for the government.

I got the job after school….38 years ago.

I like that I work with people every day. Lot of problems you can help…you can help people. And always I want to give my best.

In criminal law, there is not the nice people. When you work in law, there are never nice people. But I want to help to give them a chance to say ok, you pay, and after long time he is ok. Every day problems, every day big problems with criminals.

I don’t enjoy when you have early up in the morning.

I have no boss. I am the boss. I am my own boss.

I will work only 5 years and then I will finish.

After, I will go to the mountains…or go to Greece. And read all my books that I had no time to read.