Great Co-workers But Crappy Management

I’ve worked for Friendly’s restaurant as a shift supervisor, that’s what the title use to be, now they are called shift managers. I left because of the bullshit the hire ups, the district managers and above. So i changed careers.

Recently, I wanted to get an extra job for extra money… with two kids now in college i could use the extra spending money.
So I thought about going back to Friendly’s were I have fond memories of the people and customers. It has been over twelve years since I worked there. I met the manager of Friendly’s and explained I would take the job but I would not if it became stressful.  I would work hard and well. I took the job. I was giving the job at minimum wage. The compensation was I get to have the hours and days I wanted.  The manager kept to his word. It was fun. I enjoyed the people I worked with so much so that the cooks and I would sing to each other.

We all worked well, helping each other out.  The manager was truly trying to get the atmosphere to be light and fun with seriousness of customer service. But that all changed. The manager did so well at turning the place around they decided to give him another Friendly’s to turn around.  He accepted reluctantly with the promise he could keep the Friendly’s he has now.

Ha …. the hire ups decided to switch managers instead. He get to turn the crappy store around while we the the crappy manager who made the store crappy in the first place. Well it didn’t take long before it got that way.  People complained to the hire ups, the servers, fountain workers, and cooks, we began to give our notices because things went WRONG WRONG WRONG.  The fun and joy of the place died along with the service to the customers, cold food, long waits for food and ice cream and not enough staff.  The servers were expected to do everything, dishes, make ice creams, fountain workers had to ignore in house fountain slips to take orders at the carryout window and much much more.

The fun and joy went and the people responsible is the hire ups who in there arrogant wisdom ignored us when we wanted to keep the old manager. Typical Friendly’s nothing changed. They put good managers in bad stores and bad managers in good stores. So,  I and many have given there two week notice.