Postal Worker…..Carrier nightmare

To all of you that can do better….

Go to school, get an education, Help yourself don’t make the mistake of dreaming working for the Postal Service.

The money is great,the mental stress is greatest jet,

I am a carrier in the Florida Keys, our Postmaster take 4 hours lunch, read the paper every morning, play with the computer, take casuals workers to the beach and treat us people with seniority without any respect.

I honesthy believe management get this job because they have conection no because they know what is going on ,

Life is really around money in this town.then the Postal Service get what they can. no who can qualified for the job,

I feel sorry for all of you that have years to wait for a decent retirement,I need 3 more year and I am helping my self to try to make it,

Good luck to all of you