What’s it Like to be a Grocery Assistant?

I work as a grocery assistant at Morrisons and its poo. My supervisors are a bunch of ageing chavs who’s only friends are other supervisors, and they speak to people like shit, anyone who is 19 or below is treated like a child, bullied and made to feel like their stupid. They never let you leave when your hours have finished and in a certain case someone was assaulted by a supervisor while trying to leave at the end of his shift.

I started working there two years ago when I was at college and even though I passed the course I don’t wanna leave coz it was easy money. You get rang up on your days off and when you agree to come in they spend the night taking the piss even though you’ve come in off your own back, in a word ‘wankers’. I hope someone shoves a rocket up kenneths arse coz he needs to realized his company’s a fuckin joke.