Both Sides of the McDonalds Stories

I’ve read several stories about working at McDonald’s and all seem to tell only one side to it. Depending on who’s telling, it can seem like the best job in the world or an absolute hellhole. It’s more like a mixture of both. It has it’s ups and down, just like any other job. Some days I really look forward to work, other times I dread it.

I’m 16 and I’ve been working at McDonald’s now for 4 months. I’ve always been a little ashamed to tell people where I work because of all the bad press McDonald’s had gotten and it’s stereotypes for workers. Let me just say that I don’t find this at all. I work hard in school, get mostly A’s, and I take advanced classes. I’m in the National Honor Society and I volunteer. I’m not trying to brag, just saying that I’m not some drop out punk who spends her free time smoking pot. I admit, I am overweight, but not obese.

Some of my coworker do fit the stereotype, others don’t. But almost all of them are very friendly and helped me out a lot when I first started. The managers are all great and manage to fit my schedule around my school activities. I’ve gotten yelled at very few times, usually just after I did something very stupid. but usually they understand it was an honest mistake.

The work in itself can very between very enjoyable to extremely stressful. When we’re not very busy and we’re fully staffed, I like working there and every works out ok. The work isn’t too difficult and it’s easy to learn. Other times we can be short by several people, the lines will be long, and everything seems to go wrong. At times like that I just feel like quitting. The customers will complain about the littlest things. They expect to walk in, snap their fingers, and have their food instantly ready. Sometimes we do hand it out right away, sometimes they may have to wait a few minutes. Usually though, the customers are friendly and cooperative. There are a few regulars whom I enjoy talking to.

The pay itself is okay, it’s just minimum wage but there are opportunities to get raises and you can get as much or as little time off as you want. You can choose whether to work only once a week or every single day. You also get 20% off every time you get something there and free meals on breaks. There are limits on what you can get for free, but it’s still a great deal. Though I get sick off McDonald’s after a while, especially if I get it more than 2 times a week.

Overall, I’d say it’s a nice for a first job to gain work experience, but I’d never want to work there the rest of my life.