Not Getting the Respect While Working at McDonalds

I’ve been a McDonalds employee in a small town in NY state for almost 7 months now. First I would like to say that it can be a cool job. But then again it has its downs like all jobs. But what bothers me the most is that during these months that I’ve been there I have NEVER called in or showed up late! I am a very reliable worker there and the only one that never calls in and I don’t even get a simple thank you from the store manager!!!

I work in grill and I do all the work while most of the employees sit around and talk and goof around. I only plan on being there for over a year but then that’s all I can handle. I have to agree on some of these other stories here. Most Mcdonalds employees and managers are very horny and like to do things with each other while on the clock. I think its totally disgusting. So if anyone can find a better job then ending up at McDonalds then I say go for it! But don’t come work at McDonalds. Unless you are desperate. You get shown NO respect for all the hard work you do. I’m just shocked that I cant get a thank you for all the hard work i’m doing and also for no call ins!