I have been struggling with this decision …..but Nursing is not for me…….Unfortunately, I Hate it.

I am writing this now because i am so stressed out about what decision to make, but the first thought that comes to my mind is I hate my job and I hate the choice i made to be a nurse, and why why did i choose it as my career?

I want out of my job as a nurse, but all I hear is you put all that time in school and now 5 months later you decide you hate it. I hated it in school, but i thought it was just school, they told me oh it is better in real life, actually it is worse in real life,

I tried a hospital before for 3 weeks and quit, then 5 months after that, I tried another hospital after that, now i have been struggling with these feelings for 6 months at this hospital,

I have come to the conclusion I do not want any part of nursing, nothing at all what so ever, it is not for me and it is so sad for me that i found this out now,

I love and care for people but not in such a depressing setting and the amount of responsibility gives me tremendous anxiety, that has not eased up ,, I cry each and every day when i have to go in to work,

for anyone considering going into nursing and patient care really really make sure you know what it is all about,,,,

and for those of you who love it I admire you…. because nursing is not for everyone I thought because of my caring and affectionate personality, I thought I would love it but it makes me really sick in everyway. bye bye.