Avoid Nursing at All Cost

Nursing is horrible. There, I said it. I’ve never seen a profession that diminishes good-hearted, passionate people to emotionless, empty drones the way this one does. It will suck you dry and leave you devoid of any human-ness. Do yourself a favor. DON’T BECOME A NURSE. Yeah, I did it for all the wrong reasons — I wanted to help people and have a profession I could be proud of. Ha! What a joke! Now nurses are getting smart and leaving the field in droves. Besides googling ‘I hate nursing’ I googled ‘nurses leaving the field in droves’. Try it and see what you get sometime! Oh, and now they have these sappy ads on TV trying to entice people to enter the field of nursing. I feel so bad for anyone sucked in by that. I repeat, do yourself a favor and save your soul. DO NOT BECOME A NURSE