I call airstrikes for a living!!!…Military Man

Hi, I am in the military and my current job is calling in airstrikes in support of ground forces. right now i live outside of the US. In addition to doing this, i am required to jump out of an airplane (airborne!) and divelock out of submarines. Doing this job for a couple of years has been quite a rush. Yet, I long for a normal life. That which provides a decent salary and being able to eat dinner at home every night. You see, It’s a great feeling accomplishing these things for god and country, but I would really like to have a normal life. I would really like to be a bartender or a scuba diving instructor in the carribean. I am getting out of the service in october 2005 and would like to pursue this.

I don’t want to sound like I hate my job, I don’t. I just want a normal life; a life where I can have a family I can see every day, a life where i can go to a foreign country which I’m helping and don’t get “protested against” by locals who hate america or why we are there.

Hopefully, I would be in the carribean someday, scubadiving and running my own bar. That is my dream and goal. If anyone out there share similar interests or plans to open a bar in the carribean, e-mail me at JCVALENTIN@HOTMAIL.COM . Chatting or sharing similar experiences would be pretty cool!