Loving the Work I have at McDonalds

I was hired my McDonald’s 3 years ago and was asked to become a crew trainer after 2 months. After accepting that position and succeeding at that, I was asked to become a Shift Supervisor. I accepted that promotion. A shift supervisor assists the manager that is in charge in running their shifts, such as when they leave to count a drawer or they are dealing with another problem or so on. I was transferred a month after that promotion to another McDonald’s like 10 minutes away owned by the same person. There I was asked to become a manager by our area supervisor. I accepted that promotion and was sent to a Walmart store location which is also owned by the same people. I was trained and on my own there for a total of two months before I was sent back to my second transfer store.

I love working at McDonald’s with the exception of a few people. I love being the boss!!! I will start college soon and still be full-time at McDonald’s. Don’t get me wrong, it can be very stressful at times, but we manage to get through it. McDonald’s may be fast food, but it is so much higher class than Burger King or Wendy’s…..!!!