Hate the Customers Love the Job

Well, I recently, well not really, about a year ago, started working for a large retail store (I will give you a clue, we recently bought a bunch of the small guys out). Anyway, I like my job, we mostly stand around and do nothing, talk amongst ourselves etc. I just felt like writing a note for all those customers out there who think people that work in retail are retarded.

Yes, I have met my fair share that have their challenges, however, we are not all dumb. To all middle eastern tag switchers, don’t bring your clothing that you wish to purchase that you “found on the clearance racks” to us and expect us not to look more closely at the tags. We are aware that people like to switch tags with less expensive merchandise to try and rip us off. We are aware, and trust me, every time we see your whole fam-damnly walking around talking in your different language and holding a bunch a clothes, we never think twice about calling security on you. It’s also quite hilarious to see customers who think they’re better than you whip out their “Elite” card to try and impress us. We really could care less, so don’t try. And those people who insist that they found this item somewhere else (clearance rack, etc.) and they are NOT going to pay full price for it… save your sob story, we don’t care if you buy it or not, and we’re not going to give it to you cheaper because you’re too dumb to look at the tag and notice “Hm… there’s not a markdown price on the tag… but I found it here… so… it must be cheaper!” Save yourself the time. And to the ones who trash our departments.

One day, it is going to possible for us to come to your house and throw every single item in your closet on the floor… It is going to be fun, and trust us, we have hostility saved up. Why not just put something back where you found it? Too lazy to walk your fat butt over there? We know, we say it about you when you’re not looking, trust us. Just thought I would inform the so called “customer’s always right” morons… Have an outstanding day!