Not Giving a Damn in the Workplace

I’m 19 years I work at Mcdonalds or should I say gaydonalds. I’ve been working there for a year now it sucks but everybody is afraid of getting fired, me and my dumbass buddies do not care about anything we go there and do are work goof off a little we do keep fresh food in the uhc cabinets that’s a good thing. Ummm, I get yelled at sometimes I usually yell back for being crew me and my buddies are pretty brave we don’t listen to the people we hate. We basically work how we want regardless of what anybody says except for two of our managers they are cool. We listen to them because we have respect for them.

The pay is so so, I get 6.20 an hr, but I recommend people not to work there it would be alright if it wasn’t for so many stupid ass people that are gay and I’m so glad I work in grill I had to deal with people at front counter and back drive it sucks grill rock but can be stressful at times, boy am i fast we call ourselves the A TEAM.