Receptionist/Hairdresser assistant…..A Salon would equal fun

For 10 months I worked at SuperCuts.

Before I worked here I had worked in retail and at restaurants. I had taken some time off after my junior year and a few months into my senior year. I looked everywhere for work, but for some reason places don’t seem to call back when you turn in an application. Finally I noticed a little sign @ Supercuts saying they were now hiring for a receptionist.

Well I called and I set up an interview. I was hired on the spot. My wage was $5.15. I thought it would be easy work signing people in and answering phones. It was sometimes, but there were always the people who would complain when prices went up and waiting in line.

A lot of low class people came in since it was a chain salon. Many of these people don’t tip which stinks since the hairstylists would tip me because I would clean for them. If they don’t get tipped then my tips go down.

These hairstylists only made $7.00 and hr. and that is hardly enough to feed a famil. I liked the girls I worked with. They made the job fun.

I ended up doing the drawer count which meant I would get a raise. Well a new manager came in that was a real witch. She ended up having to give me back pay since they weren’t paying me to do the drawer.

I decided I’d go somewhere else where I would get paid higher well she decided to give me a raise. Then she cut my hours so the raise didn’t do me any good.

I ended up getting a second job. I quit because I left for college. I don’t reccomend working for a chain salon.