Smart People Transform When They Travel

My job seems like a simple one, front desk at a 63 room hotel. The problem with this job, though is that we have a “perfect stay” policy. In other words, if you complain about one little tiny thing, we pretty much have to give you your money back. I find this to be an incredibly stupid way to run a business. Just think, If McDonald’s had this same code, then every time your fries were too salty, old, bland, yellow, crunchy, greasy, etc, you could feed a family of 8 for free!.

The freebie isn’t the problem though. My problem is with stupid guests. A guest will check in and seem intelligent enough, but given time he’ll eventually piss you off with stupid questions.

Take for example:
We have a continental breakfast. We offer cereal as one of our food items. Now, we’re not going to expect you to eat dry cereal. But every single day I work, somebody asks me if we have milk. Never mind that pretty black refrigerator in the corner either. That’s just for keeping the air inside cool.

And if there’s a problem, like for example the TV won’t come on, never mind figuring it out for yourself. PLEASE, call me and demand that I leave my desk and all my other guests trying to check in/out, the phone ringing off the hook etc. PLEASE demand that I come fix it for you, because I’m not only a part of the front desk staff, but I’m also a master electrician.

So, I’m thinking. If this guest was at home and his TV didn’t work, he’d know exactly what to do. Make sure it was plugged in? Does the remote need new batteries? Are you pressing the right frigging button? (You’d be surprised how many people can’t figure that one out)

So, I go up to fix the TV and when I make sure it’s plugged in (it’s not) the TV comes to life magically! Then the guest has the nerve to complain that I…not housekeeping…but I should have made sure that it was plugged in BEFORE renting it too him.