Inspiring Words from a CNA turned LPN

Hi, I am also a CNA, I graduated LPN school awaiting my NCLEX & licensure. I know EXACTLY what you are referring to in regards to the lazy bodies that are always preferred over the real Mc Coys! I love my patients and go the extra five miles for their wellbeing,

However, it seems that the “In-Crowd” has it in for me or anyone else that dare to be appropriate, if you catch my drift. The other guys are right, you don’t need experience to work in a hospital. I was a Surgical Technologist for 11 yrs and I needed to get my experience somewhere, guess where I got it? I began as a CNA right before graduation & again, guess where I got my expereince, right! People talk a lot of HOOEY to derail good people like you. Don’t let them rent any space in your memory box, I know it is easier said than done, however, if you believe in yourself, ┬áthe right thing, you should have zero problem achieving your goal to be an RN and work in a hospital. I wish you and all healthcare workers many blessings from the one above!