Postal worker… before you enter the postal service gain weight, grow taller, and look older

The trials and tribulations of a 1 month career journey at the post office

Hello! I am a semi-thankful terminated employee from the USPS. My Postal career approximately 1 month and I could swear my OJI had a purpose of vengeance- to make sure my little ass was fired!

First I would like to say how do people stay at the post office for soo damn long?!I’ve had 11 jobs previously, most 2 at a time while in highschool, and most at the mall in the food court.The catch is I’m 18yrs old! I weigh 84lbs and I’m 5′1” with a voice projection problem and a sissy dependant “to-scared-to-ask-to-go-to- the bathroom”problem. It so happens an act of god happen to give me an opportunity to benefit in hell!

I was 17 when I applied and 18 when I took the test in April received the scores in may/june and appointed a career position as a mail processor by October. Either God really wanted me to have this job or experience a little bit of hell because I failed the drug-test but the lady winked her eye and said Good Luck! I figured she knew I wouldn’t last or that she wanted me to make my little mark.

2nd they didn’t give me a medical assessement and cleared me through the computer. Which again I figure they wanted me to get this job because at my size,80lbs,required to lift 70lbs.

Hello?! I was told I was one of the youngest appointed a career position to “do good”.Ok! I’m an excited, young, unexperience adolcense(Hey I look like I’m twelve)ready for this so called best job”That your ass is stupid if you quit get fired” “The money blah blah blah is good”

I’m dropped off at 11:30pm yes the great tour 1.Then began the hell one must go through when training. Especially when considered off the street because the stupid personnel didn’t give me a TE position first so at least a little bit of experiece would have help. I didn’t know how to freaking clock in, and why do we use clicks as minutes!! With my luck I met my first OJI whom,later found out, didn’t want to train anymore after 12 yrs. and step down from supervisor position. And was ohh so patiently waiting to get transfered.

First thing she said was go get a cage OK hmmmm. a cage no sweat the freaking thing took me 15 minutes to push it ten feet my god. When you are that small surrounded by(No Offense) old people and having people either laugh or shake their head in pity, makes you wonder damn I wish I was still at taco bell.

The Sweeping bins were to high loadin cages was hell the damn things were more than half my weight, So I was in a constant drench of sweat but I did it and I worked twice as hard as any of them. What made me experience the harsh realities of the work place was what co-workers can actually do. 2 weeks in I knew regardless of how hard I worked I was destined to fail. Not due to my ability but due to who I was, in the eyes of my surroundings.

To make a long story a a ( month career)short here is a run down of what wonderful new experiences I encountered (somewhat of a child running to fast looking back and runnig straight into a pole>)

1. asked how long did it take you to get this job? replied 4 months.response it took me 4 yrs to get this position. call no show 1st week (oops.) was about to be terminated when I pointed out a form to be signed the first day

of assignment,it included an description of what to expect and also safety evacs, which my supervisor failed to let me know the result of the 1st no call no show which would be termination. If I knew I would have walked 15 miles to get therelate because I didn’t have the number.He had to consult with the big cheese and they let me stay “a miracle” that might have pissed him off

3.Referred as a victim of circumstance

4.had 5 OJI’s and trained for a month

5.Was told by Mean OJI I wasn’t doing well I better start working on speed I basically sucked ect.

6. Was told by than nice turned mean OJI that I was going to be a natural because I learned to throw in 4 days

7.It took me two years to do that! response from mean OJI.

8.Ok I may have no common sense but I am not stupid but some OJIs were. In which #3 couldn’t understand a concept that would make it easier and refused to accept.

9. D7 the only damn machine without a conveyor belt in which bins were stacked 3 high and loaded 219 bins yup they stood and watched. To top it off it was a huge zone and average 100,000 daily.

10.Supervisor loved to stick me on that machine.

11.During lunch was surrounded by the smokers whom spoke of hotflashes and their children. I still don’t know what one is and I had to relate to their kids “Your 10 yr. old is probably bigger than me?” Yup he sure is!

12.Every day waas laughed at by distant table because of my hard working performance of sweat

13. The rest went like this: Tired of mean oji telling me I sucked-told nice oji-nice oji told supervisor-mean oji got pissed and told nice oji something that resulted in nice oji converting to mean.conspiracy to get rid of the little girl.

14. Had a meeting with supervisor to let me know my clothing was a safety hazard because they were to big. Do you know how hard it is to find a sweater that fits!

Well although short careered I did my job well for my size and felt that jealousy because I was so young and given this opportunity. What good thing I got out of it was I overcame my physical disability I know I was the shit cuz I was young I managed and learned quickly! Also the times where It was 1-on-1 they tried to work me as fast as I could when I swept and my ass amazingly managed. Other workers were approaching my OJI like what are you doing to this poor girl Put my headphones on and dissapointed her because she couldn’t make me falter. She wasn’t there half the time I was feeding and I had to do her job as well

My last day there was my proudest moment which turned out to be my one month evaluation. We got started me sweeping first I first loaded all the states by myself because the mean but experienced oji left. She suddenly began feeding DPS,Bins were not setup,labels not in 189 bins,

cages for non-dps not setup and sweeping bins were filling up fast. At that point she told me to get her mail.

“Oh my god I thought she’s going to try to embarass me or make me look like I sucked”But amazingly I got her 4 cages I Swept hella fast at the same time loaded the bins and labled them by the time it was lunch she gave up trying to push me and stopped trying to feed as fast as she could. She did get me though because as I combined which I learned very quickly the first pass She told me that it was quicker to sweep into bins. so after the first 9 I stopped combining we loaded and went on break As I started feeding 2nd pass sequence errors every other bin. labels were pulled out and out of order she did

t attempt to correct it but called a superivisor had all 189 bins unloaded and fed on another machine. I said after thses 2 bins I didn’t combine but that didn’t matter she had accomplished what she wanted to do. Ironically my proudest day at work also included the most dissapointed surprise of failure.

I couldn’t try to defend my self in the room with my supervisor just wanted to leave because I If I spoke tears would fall and wouldn’t be able to speak because I’d be crying to hard. So I just agreed accepted and went outside to sit.Crazy after he took my badge I ask A man to let me out “Only if you worked here” he said laughingly “I don’t anymore” I replied I sat in the dark corner 6:00am and it came out I put the head phones and tried to to shake so obviously. The who left me out happen to park right behind me and waited there until he knew I was Ok after 25min and left.Said but true

To add to great endings I bought a car with a 5000 loan cosigned by my sister fired 2 weeks later. Damn! huh? Oh a happen to get pregant also my last 2 weeks there. So now I am an Unemployed young pregnant 18 yr old who is about give my self hella bad credit and sister driving with no insurance and no health insurance but still live life trying to smile and laugh as much as possible.

Moral of the story don’t count chickens before they hatch or something like that and before you enter the postal service gain weight grow taller and look older