The Reality of Change: Taking it Well

I worked Emergency Department and then came to Psych. I hired in out of school into the ER and loved the excitement and helping those in crisis. When the long 12 hour shifts and call time became too much I went into Psych nursing. I still wanted to help those in crisis. What I don’t like is the poor management of our Neuro-Psych Dept. It is still rewarding to be there to help pass who really need guidance. I have considered quitting many times and have cut back hours. I have started working other jobs to find a way out of this department as well.

The face of nursing has changed a lot and makes it harder to have time with the patients, time to show compassion. With the demands of patient loads and paperwork, it is not what nursing used to be.¬†What I would rather do is be home more and have time for my personal interests again. “Have a Life,” as they say.

My sense of accomplishment comes from knowing I did become a nurse and I have helped many individuals in my 18 years in nursing. I even saved some lives. I was there to comfort and teach which made an impact on their life.
I have become very bitter toward my boss and the facility, for many different reasons.

In five years I will be out of nursing and I have found a way to supplement my income, as I plan for my retirement. I will travel and live well as my new opportunity develops. In 30 years I’ll be doing my best to avoid residency in a nursing home. I plan to stay healthy and active enough to stay independent, don’t we all? I now see the light at the end of the tunnel and it’s not a train fixing to run me down.

I have always been an entrepreneur at heart. I have tried several different attempts at my own business. I recently became certified as a Legal Nurse Consultant. I have invested a lot of money into what is necessary to get that off the ground.
I have now put that on the back burner. Questioning why would I want to work for grumpy lawyers after working with gurmpy doctors?

So now I plan to go in a totally different direction with my time and talents.
I have a plan now that gives me hope for my future as I come closer to retirement. A plan that anyone can take advantage of. I would share it with anyone who wants to know.