General Accountant… my whit ends

My job is General Accountant; prior to this job i had done ap ar gl functions for various other companies as a contractor.

I got this job through a temporary agency and took it because at the time i had no other permanent source of income.

I continue to do it becuase it is my main source of income at the moment and taking the time off to search for another job is so limited due to my current employer knowing that i show interest in wanting to relocate locally back to my place of residence.

my commute is 45 miles one way and i am highly underpaid, underappreciated, and overworked.

i do everyone else’s job while trying to do my own as well and i feel my boss uses me to do all the things he would not like to do and because i am young even though experienced and well trained in my field he is shovenistic and old fashioned.

Can I get a Break please