Going Back to Nursing After Several Years

I am an ex-nursing student. Before going to Nursing school, I was in Biochemistry. Somehow, I was convinced by my aunt that Nursing is a better career because there is so much demand. Well, I went to Nursing school and after a month and a half, I knew, I just knew that’s not what I wanted. I went to an all girls boarding school and was in charge of the sanatorium and all the girls that fell sick. But that was in high school. Hospitals are different. We were at the mercy of the already seasoned nurses. They were our teachers.

I saw nurses work 16 hours straight with no one appreciating what they did. Then there is the patients and their relatives that think they know it all. I wondered why they came to seek health care if they felt they knew what was wrong and kept harassing the nurses and CNAs. The doctors look down on the nurses; its almost like nurses have no idea what they are doing! This is particularly shocking since its always the nurses that are in frequent contact with the patient! And then there is the nurses that are in management. They have no clue at all what goes on on the floor. I wish all health care facilities would have a week in a month where their magement team worked the floor providing direct care to the patients. Maybe the DONs and charge nurses would appreciate more what their surbodinates do. They would actually understand why nurses come to work sometimes and they are totally out of it.

To be a nurse you must have a heart made of steel. Compassion for the humanity may carry you through a few months, maybe years but you’ll realize that you can have compassion for humans in other professions.

I left Nursing school and went back I am now doing my third year. My compassion for humanity will help me invent medicines for some diseases that affect humans some day.

For those that are willing to be nurses, KUDOS to you because believe it or not, the world needs people like you. I wish you all the best and hope that things get better for the future of nursing in our great country; the USA.