Nurses Pretending to Work and Get Busy

I work for Cedars Sinai. I have been working at the medical center for almost 4 years now, but before moving to the hospital, I worked at the medical center’s warehouse in another city. I had the worst supervisors that you can imagine. People that are supposed to help you and keep things in order, but that is not what was happening at all.

For example, the “day and night leads” go out to the parking lot and smoke pot every single day for 45 minutes, and then they come inside to work “supposedly” but they go and get drunk behind the boxes….I mean this is happening on the first floor, and on the second floor, we had the supervisors, who by the way know what is happening but don’t say anything because they don’t want or they don’t care, as long as they receive their big fat checks.

So when the main higher ups drop by from the medical center to check on everything, every one pretends to work.
I really don’t know where they find these people, they are very, very, very lazy and careless and they get paid a lot of money.