What they didn’t tell me about kids….High School Physics Teacher

I am a High School Physics Teacher. Formally I was a Lawyer. I applied for every job within 50 miles. I was looking to teach full-time because I couldn’t find a full-time college teaching position. I have been doing this since Sept. 2000.

I continue to do it because I consider myself a non-quiter, I feel commited because it would be difficult for them to find a replacement at this time, plus I don’t have another job lined up.

The job makes me happy rarely but it is getting better. I am made happy when students who seemed lost finally get it. Also, when students show interest. Finally, when we can talk about subjects outside of the scope of the class.

I am bothered by the students’ lack of commitment and preparedness for class, their inability to grasp fairly straight forward concepts, their insubordination and disrespect for teachers and school, the lack of support I receive from the administration.

I think of quitting every day because I’m not sure I want to spend my time baby sitting children and the pay is fairly low yet the job is stressful. I would rather own my own business, teach law at an undergraduate college, or get into management.

Sometimes I do get a sense of accomplishment. I like my boss but think he needs to stand up more for his people and take a stronger role. I hope to be moving forward in a career and not switching to something new.

I hope to retire in 30 years and possibly work part-time. I have held several careers: Product Engineer, Energy Engineer, Lawyer, College Professor, High School Teacher, and Fundraiser, yet, I have only found being a college professor to be truly satisfying. I work in NH but live North of Boston.