Just Another Story About Working at McDonalds

I’m seventeen-years-old and I work at McDonalds. I say that with pride!!! Umm… wait a minute, no I don’t. I hate McDonalds. I didn’t even want to work there but needed the job and money so I decided to apply. I actually hate the corporation. The fact that they make people fat with their greasy, dirty food and spread their bullshit propaganda makes me sick. Okay, so a couple days later, McDonalds calls and wants to do an interview. This was my first interview so I did horrible. Yet they still hired me. (This should have told me how desperate they were). Okay, so I sucked in the beginning (probably because the person who trained me did a crappy job) but I tried hard. A few months later and I was pretty good. I work in the back making sandwiches, by the way. Okay, so after about six months is when I started to notice how shitty my job really was. I’ll just describe to you some of the good things and some of the bad:

The Good: – My friends worked there and I got to talk and have fun while I worked.

- I got slack off sometimes, making the job even more enjoyable.

- You get good long breaks (20 minute and 30 minute breaks in an 8 hour shift).

Hmm… okay, I guess that pretty much does it for the good. And now…

The Bad: – You get minimum wage and unpaid breaks (yeah, competitive wages indeed)

- They squeeze every little penny’s worth of work out of you, making you often overworked and exhausted.

- Even though they have about 100 people working at that location, it’s usually understaffed (mainly because the managers are very cheap).

- It’s extremely unsanitary. We make the food with our bare hands, yet we barely ever wash them. Why??? Nobody ever cleans anything and the place often looks disgusting.

- Over half of our staff is VERY new, because alot of people quit there (I wonder why?).

- Because there are so many new people, the more experienced people have to do all of the work (ie. me!).

- Managers scream at you even when you’ve done nothing wrong, they blame you for their own wrong doings and try to cover it up.

- All of the managers are either assholes or uneducated, lazy pricks.

Okay, so I could go on and on but I wont. The people I work with are the worst. At first I didn’t mind them but now they’re just jackasses. Okay, so promotions came up and two managers recommended me for promotion. Good, right? Wrong. As it turns out, I didn’t get the promotion. Instead, a half dozen employees who don’t deserve to get promoted, get promoted. All of them get promoted just because they all kissed ass and sucked up or asked a ‘personal favor’ from the manager. Yeah, I actually saw it happen. This person, whose been working there for 7 months, asked the manager who she’s ‘buddy-buddy’ with, to do her a favor by recommending her for promotion.

A week later, she’s promoted. Now that pissed me off. Looks like hard work is no longer essential. Promotions are a joke. It’s not about hard work, speed and good comunication. It’s just a popularity contest and a ass-kissing-fest. McDonalds has done nothing for me but cause serious stress, exhaustion, anger issues and a lousy, shity paycheck. Thanks McDonalds.