What’s it Like Behind the Scenes at McDonalds

I am currently employed at Mcdonalds and I love my job. All of the storys on this sight about it being a horrible job are just one persons experience. Everyone has a bad day once and a while so why do we expect Mcdonalds managers to be any diffrent? Everyone yells when they shouldn’t and people do things they don’t want to or shouldn’t. My managers make mistakes all the time but that’s life. The biggest thing in the world that bugs me is how people believe that Mcdonalds uses fake and or genetically modified foods.

At least in Canada this is not true but please realize that the Canadian and American Mcdonalds are run totally different and are only linked by the ownership and name. The Beef and Chicken products are 100% real beef and chicken and are supplied by independent (not owned or controlled by Mcdonalds) farms. I live in the Okanagan valley in British Columbia, Canada and our chicken comes from a farm in the lower mainland and our beef is from Alberta. The Vegetables are all farm grown and bought by Mcdonalds. The chicken is all cooked in pure vegetable oil. I’ve read the ingredient list on all of these products and in Canada falsifying the ingredient list on any product is punishable by jail time and fines that are decided by the income of the company. The more your company makes the more the company is fined. And the beef is never submerged in any type of oil, grease, fat. The grill is coated with a thin layer of oil and that’s it. And the grilled chicken is steamed on the grill. The other thing that bugs me is how Mcdonalds is always made fun of by everyone and the other fast food joints Wendys, Burger king, Carls jr. a&w etc. They all use the same if not worse cooking procedures. My good friend worked for Wendys and he said that they routinely microwaved there food to reheat it. And A&W submerges its food in vats of grease (sea vats) to keep it warm.