And you think you went in for a DRUG TEST?….Telecommunications Worker

A couple of months ago I got called out of the blue to interview with a major telecommunications company. I did well in the interview and was offered a job with a higher base salary, higher commission potential, and a great benefit package. The catch was that I had to start in two weeks, which didn’t allow me to get through the background check, pre-employment drug screening, and then give my current employer a full 2-week notice. The hiring manager insisted he couldn’t push the start date out and encouraged me to move forward. He said,” you don’t rob banks or do drugs do you? Besides no one has ever failed the drug test.” I have nothing to hide – no skeletons in the closet and I DON’T use drugs so I reluctantly gave my resignation to my employer.

Well did you know that when you go in for a pre-employment drug screening the lab pre tests your sample and can tell if a woman is pregnant, a person has epilepsy, heart problems, or worse yet they can’t even test your sample for drugs for whatever reason. My urine sample is still sitting on a shelf in Lenexa, Kansas and has NEVER BEEN TESTED for drugs. It seems that if a person goes in for a drug test it should simply be tested for the reason you gave them the urine in the first place.

Neither the hiring manager nor the HR department made me aware that their company’s policy is not to give the applicant a second test – if they had informed me I would have forced the issue to move the start date out. Bottom line the written offer of employment was rescinded and my urine sample to this day has not been tested for drugs. Drug tests have a very high rate of error – if you have eaten or drank something very legitimate/legal but the lab can’t figure it out in the pre-test they won’t test the sample, and if you make it past the pre-test there is a 1 to 3 chance in 10 that you’re your sample will throw a false positive.

Moral of the story: Prospective employee be wary of what happens to your sample. I have retained a lawyer and we are filing a lawsuit. Because I had given my resignation at my current job and was not able to go back since they filled my position so quickly I am unemployed! Please, don’t let this happen to you.